This job offer is now closed, it is no longer possible to apply.

Your role as a full-time instructor at Saskatchewan Polytechnic will be supported through instructional materials, on-going employer provided training, and our requisite Adult Teaching and Learning (ATL) program. This initiative will develop our instructors professionally while ensuring a high quality learning experience for all Saskatchewan Polytechnic students.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic considers the diversity of our workforce to be one our leading strengths and greatest assets. Our employee diversity enhances our ability to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse student population. Currently, approximately 20% of our students are Indigenous. A continued emphasis on the development of a representative workforce is one of Sask Polytech's strategic priorities and, as an organization, we are making significant efforts to attract and retain Indigenous employees.


Job Duties

To instruct business courses as part of the Business Diploma and/or related areas as required. The courses may include Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Organizational Behaviour and Public Relations.

  • 1. Provide instruction to students enrolled in the Business programs.
  • 2. Design and Implement a student-centered classroom using an outcome-based approach.
  • 3. Be flexible and responsive to learner needs through the use of appropriate instructional methodologies.
  • 4. Manage the classroom to ensure an optimum learning environment.
  • 5. Plan and deliver content and learning activities that reflect the values, beliefs, needs, and contributions of a culturally diverse community.
  • 6. Provide appropriate evaluation, assessment, and feedback to students.
  • 7. Respond to curriculum/course demands and make necessary adjustments according to learner needs such as adult learning principles.
  • 8. Develop new curriculum as needed.
  • 9. Be reflective of and responsive to accommodation of special learning needs including equity groups and diverse learners.
  • 10. Where required, develop working relationships with appropriate external partners and employers, supporting students in working experience.
  • 11. Pursue professional development opportunities to keep current with employer and educational requirements.
  • 12. Work cooperatively in an interdependent team environment.
  • 13. Follow policies and procedures adopted by Saskatchewan Polytechnic.
  • 14. Attend program and school meetings.
  • 15. Other duties as assigned.

Specific Accountabilities


Required Qualifications, Skills and Abilities (QSA)

  • 1. A master's degree in leadership, business, a business-related field, education, or adult education. If the master's degree is in education or adult education, an undergraduate degree in business, commerce, or administration will be required.
  • 2. Recent/relevant work experience (2 years in the last 5) in a business environment in the specialty area to be taught.
  • 3. Effective communication skills (written and oral).
  • 4. Effective interpersonal skills.
  • 5. Ability to work as a team member and foster teamwork.
  • 6. Effective instructional ability.
  • 7. Demonstrated competence and recent experience in the use of the internet, e-mail, MS Office Suite software and ability to learn and adapt to changing technology.
  • 8. Demonstrates valuing diversity.

Desired QSA