This job offer is now closed, it is no longer possible to apply.


The Communications Specialist is accountable for the development and implementation of short and long-term external communications plans. This dynamic communications professional will provide strategic communications and issues consultation for the Media and Public Relations team. The incumbent is expected to behave ethically and follow the established code of business conduct, policies and internal control procedures, laws and regulations governing Toronto Hydro.


  • Designs, develops, and executes proactive communications strategies for a designated portfolio to support corporate objectives and public relations framework
  • Provides expertise and guidance on issues management processes and best practices
  • Develops reactive communications and issues management strategies for emerging issues
  • Writes formal corporate deliverables, including annual reports, speeches and news releases
  • Contributes to internal disclosure process, including reviewing public facing documents to ensure brand and style standards are adhered to
  • Leads customer engagement process, particularly in support of regulatory rate applications
  • Contributes to crisis communications, including standby rotation after hours and on weekends


  • Bachelor's degree in Communications, Public Relations, Political Science or related field from an accredited University
  • Four (4) or more years of experience in corporate communications, public relations, or marketing
  • Superior communication skills, particularly written and presentation and issues management
  • Analyze and Solve Problems: Gathers relevant information systematically; considers a broad range of issues or factors; grasps complexities and perceives relationships among problems or issues; includes others in problem-solving efforts when appropriate
  • Generates innovative ideas and solutions to problems; offers multiple options to achieve desired results; helps evaluate alternatives in light of desired outcomes; makes sound recommendations; makes decisions that align with objectives; uses data to support decisions
  • Establish/ Develops Plans: Develops plans that are appropriately comprehensive, realistic, and effective in meeting goals; accurately assesses resource needs; develops contingency plans when necessary
  • Manage Plans and Projects: Conducts productive meetings; manages expectations; keeps others informed about plans and projects; adjusts plans to respond to changing business priorities or external climate; monitors projects and takes appropriate action when goals are not being met; follows up with clients to make sure that results meet or exceed expectations; monitors costs to stay within budget
  • Build Relationships: Relates to others in an open and accepting manner; initiates and develops relationships with others as a key priority; treats others with respect; addresses prejudice and other intolerant behaviour in others; is approachable and acts as a team player
  • Speak and Present with Impact: Holds people's attention when speaking; speaks clearly and concisely; communicates without jargon; delivers effective, high-impact presentations; uses audiovisual aids appropriate to presentations; connects with audience when speaking; responds well to challenging questions
  • Write and edit effectively: Clearly and concisely expresses ideas and concepts in writing; prepares persuasive written materials; adapts writing style and language to fit the situation/audience; knows when to communicate orally or in writing
  • Commit to Quality: Emphasizes the need to deliver quality products and/or services; defines standards for quality and evaluates products, processes, and/or services against those standards; builds quality into each step of the process
  • Focus on Customer Needs: Anticipates and identifies customer needs; takes action to meet customer needs; develops effective working relationships with internal and external customers; continually searches for ways to increase customer satisfaction