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The mission of the Creative Services Department is to develop inspiring, world-class creative for Aritzia and our exclusive brands.


As a leader within the Creative Services Department, you are responsible for delivering the creative for Aritzia's marketing. You will play a pivotal role in creating a consistent and elevated creative experience across all our customer touchpoints and guiding creative leads towards our business and creative objectives. Throughout the creative development process, you will work closely with key creative and Marketing partners to ideate on campaign strategy and concept. And, with your valuable contribution to the business in this role, you will be rewarded and recognized for your expertise and impact.


As the Senior Art Director, you will:

  • Bring our brands to life each season through elevated and relevant creative direction.
  • Support the Styling team to realize the creative vision by creating beautiful outfits.
  • Support the Copy team to deliver the words and written content to promote Aritzia and drive customer affinity.
  • Support the Graphic Design team to create unique, cohesive, and aspirational graphic design.
  • Support the Digital Design team to create unique, aspirational, and intuitive digital design.
  • Support the Photography team to deliver unique, impactful, and aspirational photography.
  • Work with the appropriate Business Support partners to seamlessly lead the day-to-day function of the department in support of corporate objectives, while enabling progressive career development and an incredible employee experience.


The Senior Art Director has:

  • A commitment to learn, apply, champion, and enrich Aritzia's Business and People Leadership principles
  • A drive to take on new opportunities and challenges, with the self-motivation to continue to develop and grow oneself and others
  • Ability to set the standard for operational efficiency, investing in world class processes and systems to maximize team and business results
  • The intellectual and emotional intelligence to strategically partner cross-functionally in the pursuit of shared business outcomes
  • The skills to set clear objectives and inspire oneself and others to reach their full capability and maximize their capacity
  • The leadership qualities to design a vision and strategy that motivates the team and fuels business growth
  • World class skills and/or education that are an asset to perform in the role and the commitment to continuously learn and develop oneself and inspire growth in others
  • A dedication to quality and investing in results that add tremendous value and drives the business at all times
  • A proactive and entrepreneurial approach to executing job responsibilities, prioritizing urgent and important work
  • A keen eye and ability to identify, evaluate, and capitalize on business opportunities for today and tomorrow, maximizing top line and bottom line impacts
  • A deep understanding and commitment for the industry in which we operate and an industry connector building relationships and bringing learnings in-house to further enhance the business
  • A model of Aritzia's brand, aesthetic, and style fundamentals, and a setter of trends and cultural influences
  • A leader of the conceptualization, development, and execution of new ideas, designs, and/or products that will transcend Aritzia's brand


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We are committed to doing so by providing accessible employment practices. Requests for accommodation due to a disability can be made at any stage of the recruitment process and applicants are asked to make their accommodation needs known .