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Job Description

The Communications Director will lead a communications team for Broadway Subway Project (BSP) shall be responsible for sharing, supporting, and demonstrating achievement of the developing and maintaining communications, community relations and business relations. Working closely with Provincial communications and stakeholders to build and maintain positive relationships with local residents and businesses Stakeholders including but not limited to such as transit customers, health care service providers, academic institutions, and the general public. These objective will be achieved through positive and progressive communication strategies.

The Communications Director will report to the Project Director and work directly with the senior managers of the Project in developing and deploying internal and external messaging for BSP. The incumbent will be responsible for all project communications including, but not limited to, developing strategic public relations campaigns, and managing corporate events.


  • Support the development of project communications strategies and the implementation of those strategies (internal and external) to ensure the success of identified initiatives.
  • Research, draft and post internal communications content through channels including email, portal/intranet, group collaboration sites, and digital signage.
  • Develop and maintain connectivity and strong working relationships with key internal stakeholders as well as external project organizations.
  • Demonstrate best practices in corporate communications approaches, vehicles, strategies and tactics.
  • Demonstrate success in understanding the needs and sensitivities of different audiences and adapting appropriate writing style and content.
  • Lead and drive activities to support ongoing alignment and collaboration between other marketing and communications teams with joint partners during the annual planning process.
  • Develop and plan communications programs which increase brand presence and market penetration.
  • Ensuring adherence to brand identity in firm communications internally and externally.
  • Managing reactive calls from the media.
  • Project Co's scope for communications, community relations and business relations includes the following activities:

construction and traffic notification;

  • enquiry-response management;
  • community relations;
  • Stakeholder relations;
  • business relations; and
  • supporting the Province with specific functions related to:
  • content development for, including but not limited to, notifications, signage, digital,

social, media, presentations, advertising, and Project documentation;

  • crisis communications and issues management; and
  • media and government relations,
  • Build and maintain a high Stakeholder and public awareness, knowledge and understanding of the project goals and construction status;
  • Minimize disruption and maximize predictability of the effects of Construction and traffic on emergency services, transit customers, businesses, services, retailers, residents and the public;
  • Maintain a continuous presence on the corridor to effectively manage the information needs of all the Stakeholders and the public;
  • Maintain visibility, accessibility, awareness, and support for businesses, services, and retailers within the Project Site throughout the Construction period; demonstrate consideration and responsiveness to resident, business, Stakeholder and public enquiries, comments, and complaints in relation to the Project, including with respect to noise, dust, vibration, traffic impacts, transit impacts, access, and parking, construction schedule and staging
  • Respond to emerging and existing issues and incidents with clear management, operational, and response processes and procedures;
  • Demonstrate priority, accountability, and delivery excellence in relation to communications, community relations and business relations activities.
  • Convene and/or participate in meetings with business, health and emergency services, and community relations activities that may seek input or inform on Project design, Construction activities, and other matters of interest to local businesses and services, residents, Stakeholders, and the general public

Required Skills and Competencies

Minimum of 10 years of experience with the following:

  • Managing traffic and construction communications for large, complex transit and/or public infrastructure construction projects, preferably in an urban environment comparable to the Project;
  • Experience in working with government communications processes and policies;
  • Developing construction and traffic communications strategies and related
  • Implementation, with the input of multiple stakeholders and partners; working with issues management related to transit and/or public infrastructure construction projects in an urban environment;
  • Planning and managing business relations activities within a significant job and economic centre; and planning and managing community relations for complex transit and/or public infrastructure construction projects.
  • Proactively communicate with key stakeholders and the public in accordance with the Community and Stakeholder Relations Plan regarding construction activities;
  • Provide notice to local businesses and services, residents, Stakeholders, and the general public of construction within the timeframes specified, and the variety of communications tools that will be used;
  • Supply accurate Project information to the Province within the timeframes specified and incorporate the Province's key messages as requested in communications and notification, in of support the Province's communications and media relations efforts; and engage with businesses in the Project Site to identify their preferred business access routes where route alternatives exist.

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