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Reports To

The Social Media Strategist will report to the Director of Customer Experience.


While most of our clients are in Alberta, you can be wherever in Canada you like.


In a world that's continuously being shaped (for better or worse) by social media networks, our goal is to help clients navigate and responsibly leverage these platforms to achieve their goals.

As Social Media Strategist, you'll work closely with clients to understand how social media fits into their overall marketing ecosystem. You will then create and sometimes implement high-level strategies rooted in best practices, research, and insights. In addition, you're comfortable supporting these strategies with PPC campaigns, potentially involving paid social, SEM, and digital display advertising methods.

You will build Evans Hunt's social media practice by empowering clients and fostering social media literacy amongst internal and external teams.

Who we're looking for

You're passionate about building communities and harnessing the ever-evolving power of social media to achieve real business goals, and you understand that social media is part of a big, holistic customer experience picture.

With the endless communication possibilities that have evolved for brands on social media, so too has the over-saturation of content, selling, and trying to be everything to everyone. This is where you come in. You're thoughtful in your approach and see social media as a way to connect first and market second. You also know that no two brands are alike, so how you approach every strategy, campaign, or audit will be different.

We understand there are many paths you can take to become a Social Media Strategist, so we're keen to hear about the experiences that have equipped you with the relevant technical and contextual skills to be successful in this role.

If the person below sounds like you, we'd love to hear from you.

  • You're comfortable in both paid and organic social spaces. You understand the lines between paid and organic are becoming increasingly blurred. You can create robust organic social strategies as well as tactical paid social executions, and are comfortable augmenting those with SEM and digital display advertising campaigns.
  • You're an effective communicator. You can break down the why and how of social media (and all its intricacies) to agency and client teams. You get people excited about social.
  • You're analytical. You're interested in what social media success looks like, how it's measured, and ultimately improved upon.
  • You're ethical. You're aware of the potential influence social media can have on the way people think, feel, and behave. You understand the responsibility brands take on in the social space and create with care.
  • You're strategic. You know what it takes to form a strong foundation upon which social content and tactics are built. You consider business, marketing, and brand goals in order to carve out a unique space and voice for clients.
  • You're collaborative. You know social media doesn't exist in a vacuum and you're able to work with everyone from the accounts team to the creative department in order to create the best possible social experience.

A day in the life

Picture this: you're a Social Media Strategist at Evans Hunt and currently working on anywhere from 3-5 different projects. You might spend your morning in a working session with a designer to plan an Instagram content calendar for a global travel and experience brand. Then, your afternoon can involve developing a LinkedIn strategy for a local nonprofit to educate followers and generate leads.

Here's what you can expect to be doing on any given day:

  • Social media audits: Conduct landscape assessment of clients' owned social media properties. This process reviews wins and opportunities and where Evans Hunt can add the most value. You'll need to understand how to navigate native social media analytics (e.g., Facebook & Instagram Insights, LinkedIn Analytics, Twitter Analytics) and social listening tools (e.g.,
  • Social media strategies: Create, present and deliver comprehensive strategies outlining social's role in helping clients achieve marketing and business goals. A thorough understanding of all current and relevant social media platforms is key (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, TikTok, YouTube, etc.). You'll also need to be familiar with Social Media Management tools like Sprout Social, Hootsuite, Falcon, etc.
  • Reporting: Develop reports on overall organic or campaign performance. Reports include quantitative (KPIs) and qualitative (sentiment, themes) insights.
  • Content creation and management: Plan, create, and publish organic content across clients' owned social properties.
  • Social listening: Use social listening tools to build queries, identify topics and sentiment trends, and build insights-driven reports for client brands.
  • Influencer engagement: Work with clients and influencer agencies to create influencer content strategies that align with overall brand and marketing goals.
  • Paid advertising campaigns: In addition to social media projects, you will manage paid SEM and digital display advertising for some clients.

What's in it for you

Evans Hunt is a full-service digital agency focused on the integration of strategy, creative, and technology. Our experienced team of 80+ employees delivers marketing solutions for top national and international organizations. We're a fun place that does good work. Here's what we're offering:

  • Salary range: 60-80K (subject to experience level).
  • Culture & lifestyle: We're an agency and we work hard, but life is also for living. We strive to provide a respectful and inclusive workplace in which all are welcome. We're also not much for micromanaging--you'll have a lot of flexibility to deliver great work in ways that make sense to you.
  • Office availability: We're currently working remotely during the pandemic, with optional in-office desks available for booking, if you choose.
  • Stuff: A laptop and a phone will be provided to you.

What we'll ask

There are a couple of things we'll ask you to submit when applying for this role:

  • Cover letter: Tell us a little about yourself and your fit for the job (it's true that companies don't look at applications that don't include cover letters).
  • Portfolio/case study presentation: If you make it to the interview stage, we'll request that you present your portfolio and/or applicable social media case studies.