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Minimum Clearance Required to Start: Not Applicable/None

Job Description:

We are hiring a HR, Community and Benefits Manager for our Edmonton Valley Line West LRT program, that will support our Management team and will be responsible for the Human Resources operational functions of the program.

The Edmonton Valley Line West LRT project is a 14-km long line extension of the soon to be in service Valley Line in downtown Edmonton, Alberta. The scope of work generally includes complex staging; new facilities such as stations, OMSF, storage facility, and stops; elevated guideway; new structures; systems and communications installation; trackwork; testing and commissioning; and all other civil works associated with the scope. It is the first LRT extension project using low-floor vehicle technology in Western Canada and will be a landmark LRT endeavour after the 5-year construction term. The unique project challenges, such as cold weather climate and integration with an in-service LRT line, offers team members future career opportunities in the robust transit portfolio of the City of Edmonton and other similar programs across Canada.

Personnel Management

Provides support and recommendations related to the Company's workforce and personnel management.

Provide guidance and support to Management Team with Colas Canada Performance Management and Annual Objectives programs.

Assist Management to identify High Potentials and support their development.

Ensures with the Management Team that the workforce future needs and organizational requirements (salaried and hourly positions) are assessed through various process such as succession planning, turnover rate and demographic analysis.

Conducts career development interviews with key employees with the objective to learn and build records on career progression and professional aspirations.


Assess compensation level of personnel to determine the appropriateness when considering level of responsibilities, years of experience, performance level of employee and salaries of other comparable positions.

Study compensation level of hourly, non-union personnel as with salaried personnel above, so that company compensates employees with a competitive package with consistency among and within companies.

Research industry union wage settlements which provides comparable for bargaining.

Be current on legal and competitive issues that affect compensation and make recommendations.

Performance Management

Involve in the application of discipline, corrective action. Through policy ensure a consistent, uniform and fair process across the operations. Review and finalize disciplinary actions recommended by supervisors.

Work with supervisory personnel to ensure that procedures in union contracts are followed in disciplinary matters.

Facilitates problem solving with employees, supervisors, and management before formal grievance or disciplinary process is used.

Advice employees and management on applicable company rules and provincial and federal laws pertinent to employee relations activities.

Receive complaints from employees and management and attempt to negotiate resolution of problems outside of the formal grievance process. Ensure that allegations of misconduct are properly investigated and documented.

Development of company policies related to employee relations and provide support with training and enforcement. Such as but not limited to Discipline, Alcohol and Drug/ Substance abuse (working with the Safety Manager), Employee Assistance: Harassment, Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, etc.

Ensure that exit interviews of salaried and hourly personnel leaving company voluntarily take place.

Document procedures to be followed in terminating an employee.

Promote and use the HRMS systems to record information and manage employee's file and information.


Ensure that provincial and federal regulations are implemented and complied with.

Direct the investigation of complaints filed within the company and charges filed through provincial and federal agencies. Consult with legal counsel as needed. Review results and recommend a course of action to management.

Represent the company at administrative hearings such as but not limited to ESA of BC branch, mediation, arbitration regarding employment matters and workers' compensation matters in conjunction with the Safety Manager.


Direct the company recruitment, selection, and placement program.

Advise management and supervisors of best method of filling vacancies.

Ensure that management maintains appropriate hiring practices.

Ensure that supervisors are selecting and/or rejecting applicants in conformance with legal requirements, particularly employment standards.

Ensure that reference checks for potential employees and reference calls on former employees are conducted.

Develop formal relationships with area universities, college and technical schools as source of future employees.

Review the feasibility of various employee incentive programs, and assist management team in developing the internal training employee partnering program.

Company Documents

Develop Company Handbook and update as necessary, incorporating current policies and procedures and developing additional policies and procedures as needed.

Interprets company rules and regulations and departmental policies and procedures regarding personnel actions for management, employees and applicants.


Oversee training and development planning.

Participate actively with management in the determination of the proper training strategies and priorities applicable for hourly and salaried employees.

Ensure that employees' training records are maintain continuously.

Develop and participate actively in the implementation with management of internal training programs.


Provides assistance to employees with the Company sponsored benefits and registered pension plans. This includes:

  • Annual benefits presentations to employees
  • Communicating changes
  • Communications with carriers
  • Assist in resolving issues employee may encounter.


Bachelor's degree (or equivalent 4- to 5-year degree) plus CHRP certification and 7-10 years' experience in Human Resources disciplines & management as a business partner. These being: Employee Relations & Labour Relations, Compensation, Benefits & Pension, Training & Development.

Experience working in a large integrated joint venture infrastructure project, an asset.