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The Opportunity

  • Envisioning Future Trajectory

The Solution Consultant is responsible for enabling and driving growth in both revenue and market share for Arcadis Gen's digital solutions. Working in close partnership with the Sales/Business Development Team, Analytics Team and the various Product Owners within Gen, the Solution Consultant will act as a bridge between Gen's product and solution development functions and our end customers. Outwardly, the Solution Consultant will enable a clear translation of Gen's capabilities and offerings into a customer's context using a clear, easy to understand and compelling communication style. Internally, the Solution Consultant will help translate the customer context into a clear set of product and solution requirements that can be efficiently delivered using Gen's broad product catalogue.

Working with the Sales/Business Development team, the Solution Consultant will provide technical input into Gen's bids to ensure all bids are both competitive and deliverable within the targetted margin. In pre-sales meetings with customers, the Solution Consultant will provide the implementation and technical gravitas to support and enhance Gen's credibility with potential customers. Working within the Analytics Team in the Solutions Domain, the Solution Consultant will help shape the solution architecture and support with project launch and fee earning implementation. Working with both the Analytics team and the Industry Solution and Product Owners, the Solution Consultant will bring a customer context to help to identify and shape both new Products and existing Product enhancements to maximise their profitability. Working closely with the Industry Solution Owners of Gen's Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions, the Solution Consultant will look for opportunities to combine the EAM and Analytics Products into more holistic full asset lifecycle offerings for our Customers.

Core responsibilities include:

Pre-sales Technical Support: Provide direct support to the Customer Experience and Sales teams

  • acting as the technical author for the Analytics solution elements of bids. Attend pre-sales meetings with prospective Customers, undertake technical presentations in meetings and at conferences and generally act as the technical ?focal point' for pre-sales work.

Demonstration Development: Further support the Customer Experience and Sales Teams through the specification, design and delivery of product demos. Demo delivery and design to be tailored wherever necessary to maximise alignment with the prospective Customer's requirements and be designed to amplify the ?ease of use' and value of the product being demoed. Development of the demo itself will be supported by drawing upon relevant resources across Gen, but some level of self proficiency is required.

Analytics Solution Architecture Design: Translation of Customer requirements into a detailed solution design which can be efficiently and effectively implemented within the Industry Solutions and Products in the Gen Product catalogue, ensuring that the solution design is also deliverable for the resource effort included in the bid and achieves the expected margins. Ensure that the solution design for the Analytics tean will fully meet all of the Customer requirements agreed in the relevant contracts.

New Analytics Product Proposals: Work closely with the Analytics team to help identify new potential Analytics Products that can be delivered through EDA Foresight or through other Gen platforms. Work with the various Industry Solution and Product owners within Gen to help inform their Roadmaps based on intelligence gleaned from pre-sales and post-sales Customer discussions and translated into what that might mean for individual Industry Solutions and Products.

Functional Lead on Projects: Working with the support of the proposed solution architecture and fully understanding the client's requiremenets, the Solution Consultant will be a key part of the delivery team, translating design to reality and success for the client.

Key Deliverables

  • Writing of technical content for Analytics Solutions in bids
  • Supporting Customer development tean in pre-sales and post-sales meetings to provide technical responses to Customer questions.
  • Designing and developing product demos for our Analytics offerings which help maximise sales interest.
  • Analytics solution architecture design to inform bids and enable the efficient and effective rapid start to project delivery.
  • Identification and specification of new analytics products that could be brought to market including their integration with existing industry solutions and products across all industry sectors.
  • Functional leadership on delivery of projects.


Required Qualifications

  • 12+ years' experience in delivery and implementation of enterprise software solutions
  • 5+ years managerial experience

Why Choose Arcadis?

Arcadis is the leading global design and consulting firm for natural and built assets, and we invite you to join us in partnering with our clients to deliver truly exceptional and sustainable outcomes. Contribute to the world's most high-profile and transformative projects, from shopping centers in Shanghai and improved traffic flow in Atlanta to state-of-the-art rail systems in Doha, coastal defenses for Manhattan and cleaner air in Los Angeles. Work alongside the industry's foremost thought leaders and accomplished professionals, generating effective, real-world results. We are Arcadis: 27,000 people in more than 70 countries, creating value by applying our collective wisdom to every challenge. Our culture is collaborative, we believe in diversity and the power of global teamwork, and we own the responsibility to sustain the Earth and its people in a safe and balanced way. Arcadis. Improving quality of life.

From coast to coast, the beauty of Canada is undeniable, as is its place among the world's strongest economies. Arcadis helps balance the needs of smart growth for private and public-sector clients in some of the country's largest business sectors. Our Natural Resources group, including oil and gas and mining, delivers technical and scientific expertise throughout the industries' lifecycles. We partner with all our commercial clients to boost productivity, increase sustainability and mitigate risks. Federal and provincial government projects include many stakeholders, from indigenous peoples to landowners and area residents, and we bring the consulting expertise to move projects forward with efficiency and consensus. Arcadians are encouraged to innovate, apply emerging technologies and participate in global learning development opportunities that help us deliver groundbreaking and transformative solutions to our clients. Join us as we work to improve quality of life in Canada.

Arcadis Canada is an equal opportunity employer committed to diversity and inclusion. We are pleased to consider all qualified applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, protected veterans status, Aboriginal/Native American status or any other legally-protected factors. Disability-related accommodations during the application process are available upon request.

If you are a resident of the province of Quebec and would prefer to receive and complete an application in French, please send your request via Isarta and an application will be emailed to you with instructions on how to return it. Thank you for your interest in ARCADIS.

Pourquoi choisir Arcadis ?

Arcadis est le leader mondial du design et du conseil en actifs naturels et bâtis. Nous vous invitons à vous joindre à nous dans le partenariat que nous avons développé avec nos clients pour obtenir des résultats réellement exceptionnels et durables. Vous contribueriez aux projets transformateurs de grande envergure, tels que des centres commerciaux à Shanghai, l'amélioration de la circulation routière à Atlanta, des systèmes ferroviaires ultramodernes de Doha, les défenses côtières de Manhattan ainsi que l'assainissement de l'air à Los Angeles. Vous travailleriez avec les plus grands leaders d'opinion du secteur et des professionnels chevronnés, qui génèrent des résultats réels et efficaces. Nous sommes Arcadis : 27 000 personnes dans plus de 70 pays, une grande valeur créée par la sagesse collective à chaque défi. Notre culture est fondée sur la collaboration

  • nous croyons dans la diversité et dans la force du travail d'équipe mondial. Nous avons la responsabilité de soutenir la Terre et ses habitants de manière sûre et équilibrée. Arcadis, c'est améliorer la qualité de vie.

D'un océan à l'autre, la beauté du Canada est indéniable, de même que sa place parmi les économies les plus fortes du monde. Arcadis aide à équilibrer les besoins de croissance intelligente des clients des secteurs privés et publics dans certains des plus grands secteurs d'affaires du pays. Notre groupe des ressources naturelles, y compris le pétrole, le gaz et les mines, fournit une expertise technique et scientifique tout au long du cycle de vie des industries. Nous travaillons en partenariat avec tous nos clients commerciaux pour accroître la productivité, augmenter la durabilité et atténuer les risques. Les projets des gouvernements fédéraux et provinciaux regroupent de nombreux intervenants, des peuples autochtones aux propriétaires fonciers et aux résidents de la région, et nous apportons l'expertise pour faire avancer les projets avec efficacité et consensus. Joignez-vous à nous alors que nous croissons au Canada et effectuons certains des travaux les plus passionnants et les plus enrichissants de votre vie.

Arcadis Canada exige que tous les employés réussissent une vérification des antécédents comme condition d'emploi. Certains emplois exigeront également un bon dossier de conduite, une vérification de la formation académique et une vérification de certification.

Arcadis Canada est un employeur garantissant l'égalité des chances et est engagé pour la diversité et l'inclusion. Nous sommes heureux de considérer tous les candidats qualifiés sans distinction de race, de couleur, de religion, de sexe, d'orientation sexuelle, d'identité de genre, d'origine nationale, d'âge, de handicap, de statut de vétéran protégé, de statut autochtone ou amérindien ou de tout autre facteur légalement protégé. Les adaptations nécessaires liées à un handicap lors du processus de candidature sont disponibles sur demande.

Si vous êtes résident de la province de Québec et préférez recevoir et compléter une demande en français, veuillez envoyer votre demande via Isarta et un formulaire vous sera envoyé par courriel, incluant les instructions de renvoi. Merci de votre intérêt pour Arcadis.