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Pre-sales account manager for European subregions

When it comes to audio, Jabra is one of the most recognizable brands in the World. Our ambition is that the same be true with video. That is why we are investing heavily in video right now, and that is why we need you on board.

Untrodden land, a world of opportunities

You are the first of your kind in GN. And since this is a brand-new role, there is nothing as of yet set in stone. This gives you a ton of freedom and creativity to define your own workday.

We are hiring 3 pre-sales account managers. You will be working together from time to time, sharing knowledge and sparring on specific projects. Each pre-sales account manager will be independently in charge of their own specific subregion within Europe:

  • North (UK and Scandinavia), situated in both the London and Copenhagen areas
  • South (France), situated in the Greater Paris area
  • DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), situated in the Greater Munich area.

We would prefer that you live within the country, which you are overseeing, but there is no requirement that you live in the cities as such, as this role is also well suited to working from home.

International tech-virtuoso

You are the go-to technical expert within your region. Whether assisting customers, who are at their wits end about a product, or helping our sales teams prepare for proof-of-concept demonstrations, you are the guy with the answers. Furthermore, you can expect to be:

  • evaluating Jabra Sales Hub content and provide feedback
  • reviewing customer experiences and requirements, including with regards to features/functionality with third-party products, applications and solutions
  • defining best practice uses for all Jabra Collaboration solutions.

You should expect possibly upwards of 1/3 travel time (when COVID-19 ends), as you travel within Europe, as well as occasionally to Central- and South America.

Room to grow at Jabra

GN is an international company experiencing extraordinary growth right now. This is a brand-new team, one that we expect to grow quite rapidly. This provides ample opportunity to show initiative and take responsibility. If you have the aptitude and ambition, GN offers a multitude of different courses and certifications to develop your abilities:

? That was how it worked for me. I started in support, then went on to engineering, then onto technical consulting, and now into this sales position. ? Says Thomas Baumann, Head of Pre-Sales EMEA & CALA.

Prowess over pedigree

  • IT-service or other technical support
  • Technical sales, especially with regards to consumer electronics and video
  • Customer support, especially with regards to consumer electronics and video.

English language proficiency is a requirement for all 3 regions. Additionally, French (and preferably Spanish) is required for the South-region, and German is a requirement for the DACH-region.


To apply, use the ?APPLY' link no later than 14-05-2021. Applications are assessed on a continuous basis, which is why we encourage you to send your application as soon as possible.

If you want to know more about the position, you are welcome to contact Head of Pre-Sales EMEA & CALA Thomas Baumann at

  • 49 8031 2651 27.


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