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Wanted: Hot-shot Managing Editor

  • Are you a seasoned professional editor/journalist/producer who is used to living or dying by circulation or viewership?
  • Can you get inside the head of any target audience and figure out what stories or videos will resonate them at an emotional level?
  • Are you creative and energetic, full of ideas
  • the kind of sparky individual who can write 500 words, edit two sidebars, and commission a fellow journo to do a feature with 1,000 words, photos, videos and social media posts
  • all before lunch?

If so, we would love to hear from you!

Fresh Tracks Canada is a travel company that specialises in creating awesome tailor-made vacations in Canada for Canadians and visitors and we need stories about Canada.

Our industry has been through a horrible time but we are determined to come back strong.

If you have edited magazines or sections of newspapers or produced segments on television

  • then apply here!

This is a full-time role that will be part of a great marketing team. Salary depending on experience and results.

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