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The Role

Painters have brushes and pigments. Photographers have cameras and lights. You have a mouse, a keyboard, and an uncanny ability to produce flawless digital artwork. You've never met a graphic you couldn't design. Your skills could have been employed anywhere

  • designing sterile flyers for furniture outlets, as an example. Instead, you became a Graphic Designer at dbrand.

Whether it's a meticulously-designed email, an eye-catching display ad, or a delectable slice of web design, your work gets blasted out to millions of eyeballs every single day. Not in a "passively consumed by disinterested masses," kind of way

  • far from it. Your work is ravenously consumed by our adoring, cult-like fanbase, each of them accustomed to the impossibly high degree of quality expected from dbrand's in-house Creative team. Maintaining a cult is challenging, demanding work
  • and you're a critically important part of our well-oiled machine. The reward for these efforts? Aside from the acclaim and adoration of our customers, you get to spend every day on the razor's edge of graphic design for a beloved eCommerce brand. As an added bonus, you don't have to design any furniture flyers.

Do the above paragraphs describe you? Of course not. You don't work here... yet. We can change that. Who you are is irrelevant. What we care about is who you'll be, when given the tools, knowledge, and agency that will enable you to succeed. We need a motivated, adaptable, and dedicated individual who is committed to excellence, so that we can mold them into the Graphic Designer of tomorrow. If that's not you, save us all some time and close this window. If you're still with us... maybe that first paragraph describes you after all.

The Environment

Still here? Excellent. dbrand thrives where other eCommerce companies have failed because our customers enjoy a revolutionary degree of commitment, engagement, and accessibility from us. Maintaining an internal culture of excellence, the likes of which our highly-engaged audience demands and deserves, is critical to dbrand's current and future success. Our customers deserve no less than the absolute best, and we hold every member of the team to that exacting standard.

Surrounded by a diverse team that lives and breathes dbrand, the Graphic Designer is responsible for creating digital assets that meet and exceed our famously high standards. Across web design, email, and display ads, all roads lead to a single destination: thrilling and engaging our devoted, cult-like audience. Taking high-level concepts from our Creative Director, the Graphic Designer translates them into compelling works of digital art

  • the kind that won't just maximize conversion, but will leave lasting impressions on a generation of young tech enthusiasts.

So, what's in it for you? Well, unlike most companies, we actually care about the work we're doing. Every time our customers tweet about us, post on our subreddit, or write an adoring email, we're moving one step closer to world domination. Subverting expectations, thrilling a passionate audience, and disregarding conventional wisdom

  • these are the tools of the trade. Utilizing those tools is its own reward. At dbrand, you have the opportunity to create once-in-a-lifetime brand experiences for consumers. If you're someone who's organized, committed, and excited about our mission, to say you'd thrive here would be an understatement.

Before you can get the opportunity to lead a passionate, dynamic team and help us grow the cult, you'll need to prove yourself. Let's see if you've got what it takes...

The Characteristics

  • Agile: You're nimble. You're adaptable. You thrive in an environment where priorities can change in an instant.
  • Analytical: Your decisions are driven by only one thing: data. You continue to master all the tools necessary to surface insights.
  • Collaborative: You enjoy purposeful meetings. You value the contributions and perspectives of your coworkers as much as those of your CEO.
  • Curious: You're eager to learn new concepts and master new skills. There's no tool that's useless in your arsenal.
  • Disciplined: You never allow the details to slip, understanding that every bit of minutiae forms the bigger picture.
  • Enthusiastic: You exhibit a contagious passion for digital design and user experiences.
  • Innovative: You develop new approaches to complex problems.
  • Perfectionist: You persist until the smallest detail has been optimized. Knows nothing less than 100%.
  • Persistent: You've never failed. You've only experienced speed bumps on your path to success.
  • Reliable: You live up to both verbal and written agreements. You can be trusted to work effectively, without oversight.


In order to make a positive impact as part of our team, your focus in this role will be to:

  • Conceptualize, create, and edit purposeful, on-brand, creative content for dbrand's website, social media, email newsletters, advertising platforms, and other mediums.
  • Craft stunning digital graphics and designs that fit into the overarching art direction of the company / campaign.
  • Utilize industry best practices to construct functional user interface designs.
  • Create and maintain convincing product previews for our live product configuration interface, through 2D photomanipulation.
  • Perform image processing and retouching to deliver pixel-perfect assets.
  • Being able to take art direction and translate it cohesively across all digital assets.
  • Use user data to optimize visual content and user interface design.
  • Interface with other departments on design-related projects.

If you find a box you can't check, stop reading and look for a company who demands less from their Graphic Designers.

  • Three years experience working for a modern brand or agency in a design capacity.
  • Strong proficiency in modern design language and visual trends.
  • Expertise in Photoshop, and Illustrator
  • A strong sense for optimizing user experience on the web.
  • General understanding of HTML/CSS and how it integrates with modern web design.
  • Basic understanding of js preferred.
  • An impeccable communication style
  • your grasp on the English language is flawless.
  • Detail-oriented, self-sufficient, resourceful, organized, and proactive.
  • The instinct to help teammates thrive and the openness to learn from past experiences.
  • The ability to solve complex problems (or know where to find the answer).
  • Commitment to long-term growth and learning opportunities.
  • Insights and engagement with the current state of smartphone and mobile technology.

The Moment of Truth

The job starts between $55,000 and $70,000 per year with health, dental, vision, and profit-sharing benefits. We're located a few minutes west of Pearson Airport.

Still think you have what it takes to design industry-leading graphics for dbrand?

To be perfectly honest, we doubt it.

That said, our company was built on the idea that every assumption can be proven wrong. Your move.

Since 11-11-11, dbrand has been the global leader in protection and customization for consumer electronics. How did we do it? The best summary we can give is our brand promise: "It's not a product. It's a culture.?" For us, making best-in-class products is just the beginning. What elevates dbrand over the competition is our focus on the finer details: personalized brand interactions, unrivaled customer support, and a social media presence that's often imitated but never matched.

Our core values, the ones that have accelerated dbrand from a basement operation to the pervasive eCommerce brand it is today, are focused around an aggressively competitive mindset. By joining our team, you'll surround yourself with colleagues who endlessly pursue perfection and thrive on performance optimization.

dbrand welcomes and encourages applications from people with disabilities. Accommodations are available upon request for all candidates, at every stage of the recruitment process

  • no exceptions. All of our employment decisions are made on the basis of qualifications, merit, performance, and business needs. As an equal opportunity employer, dbrand embraces diversity and has no tolerance for discrimination. We are committed to fostering an inclusive environment based on mutual respect. Everyone is valuable and we are proud of our differences
  • they serve only to elevate us. The option is yours: work together, or work alone... for a different company.

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