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The Opportunity

We are looking for an ambitious and mission-aligned early-stage professional to join SkyHive's growing Sales team directly supporting the company's executives in handling rapid and growing inbound demand. The ideal candidate will have a ?scale-up? mindset, have ambitions to grow in their career in tandem with SkyHive's rapid growth, and a strong work ethic. The successful candidate for this role will be flexible and not uncomfortable with ambiguity and operating under short deadlines.

SkyHive is a fast-growing scale-up technology company serving Fortune 500 and government clients on four continents. This is a demanding role in an extremely fast-paced and rapidly changing environment. All SkyHivers work extremely hard and under constant pressure but are rewarded with truly unique professional experiences. We encourage you to reach out to any SkyHive employee to hear their experiences first-hand.

SkyHive has a unique culture. It hires for overall fit, not for role. We look at the ?complete package? with applicants and take significant steps to ensure that the company is held accountable for meeting each employee's career goals while ensuring company and client goals are met. We hire for ?tours of duty?; roles change and evolve as the needs of SkyHive, and its clients change. We believe a lifelong ?role?, or ?career? is a thing of the past. People evolve and so do companies and we reflect this in how we assemble and grow our team.

The successful incumbent for this role will report directly to the Head of Partnerships and will have the opportunity to take on greater roles and responsibilities on the Sales team as the company grows.

The Role

As an Executive Assistant [Sales], your role is to lay the foundation for our Sales team by engaging with new and existing customers and channel partners (e.g., consulting firms). You are a brand ambassador for SkyHive acting as the foundational entry-point for our customers, guiding them through their initial interactions with our Sales teams. The Executive Assistant [Sales] is responsible for a variety of tasks, depending on the needs of the Sales team and the channel partner they support. The Executive Assistant [Sales] performs general administrative duties such as setting up meetings, maintaining CRM, and actioning requests from customers and/or the sales team.

Responsibilities include:

- Manage and action a high volume of inbound and outbound communications to support the channel partner (e.g., consulting firm) and/or the customer

- Assist sales team with scheduling internal and customer meetings

- Complete administrative work like uploading contracts, setting up new customers in Sharepoint, and processing order forms

- Enter, update, and maintain daily activity in CRM (currently HubSpot; moving to Salesforce)

- Provide support to sales team with sales forecasting and reporting

- Provide assistance and fulfill any product or pricing inquiries from the customer

- Assist sales team with proposals or sales presentations as required

- Be accountable for achieving your Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) that align to the company OKRs

Who are you?


- College Diploma in Business, Marketing or a related field.

- Minimum of 1 year experience in a customer success, sales or marketing role.

- Alignment with SkyHive's Mission and Purpose (can research it online).

- An analytical thinker who can see trends across vast amounts of data

- A self starter who can diagnose inefficiencies and optimize processes to maximize results

- Transparent communicator and seeks out coaching and feedback

- Ego-less.

- Good interpersonal skills and communication with all levels of management

- Able to multitask, prioritize, and manage time efficiently including a strong attention to detail

- Willingness to work off-hours to serve global customers across many timezones

What we look for in all of our candidates

- A strong work ethic and demonstrated commitment to delivering on-time to clients

- Accountability

  • a demonstrated ?no-nonsense? attitude to delivering excellence to customers

- Detail-oriented

  • an ability to think critically about challenges & design efficient & effective solutions

- Integrity

  • keeping your commitments to the team, customers, and SkyHive stakeholders

Who are we?

SkyHive Technologies is a Vancouver-based artificial intelligence company that invented and commercialized a methodology called quantum labour analysis, which is the application of artificial intelligence to analyze a workforce or labour market at its most granular level. Its core technology applies natural language processing to process millions of supply, demand and training data points to determine real-time job-level labour market activity. It then uses proprietary machine learning methods to extract technical skills, soft skills, capabilities, methodologies, tools, and technologies from all job data. Data is then fed into a proprietary

neural network that serves as the world's first and only real-time, ?live-streamed? job taxonomy and skills ontology, capturing labour market movements in real-time and at their most granular level.

Recognized as a top startup by Forbes, Startup Grind, and C100, SkyHive is an award-winning AI technology that deepens our understanding of labour markets, workforces and individuals, enabling new ways of acquiring, developing and engaging talent. Established in 2017 with the mission of tackling global poverty and social inequality, SkyHive aims to utilize its exponential

technology to stimulate economic empowerment and lifelong learning; ultimately fostering a stronger, more prepared, and more confident workforce to welcome a brighter tomorrow.

What do we offer?

- Opportunity to get your foot in the door of a fast-growing tech company

- Collaborative team environment

- Comprehensive health benefits package

- Three weeks' paid vacation to start, paid holidays and birthday leave!

- Stock options

- Social Impact Organization with Certified B-Corp Status

- Paid & unpaid volunteer time off

- Opportunity to explore other departments as training and career continues.

- Professional development assistance program

- Numerous employee appreciation events throughout the year

Job Type: Full-time

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