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FortiPAM (which stands for Privileged Access Management) is a network device that will enable companies to more easily and securely enable working from home, or accessing company resources. Administrators configure the FortiPam device, and staff members who login to the FortiPam can then click on a device, and then they can control it. For example, someone from HR has standard company credentials, typically from an LDAP server, and they can usually use those to login to anything. They can use those to login to the FortiPam, which authenticates against that typical LDAP server. Once they see the GUI, they'll be able to see other computers and websites that they can log into. They can click, and they are now logged in to a company SharePoint in a new tab. They can click something else, and it tunnels them into an iMac they can now fully control and use some Adobe Software. Or they can click something else, and now they control the Windows or Linux computer in which there are privileged files and programs.

The value of this approach is that all of these external password-protected websites, computers, and databases have different passwords and the FortiPam makes staff access to them easier for the user, and more secure for the company. The FortiPam records the sessions, and notes types of activity so that the company can review the video, and Administrators can be alerted to any suspicious activity and instantly remediate the threat. Also, the FortiPam changes the real password for the remote device or website, so that even if a hacker compromised the staff member's session with the remote device, that password they took is no longer valid, and the device is safe. Perhaps most importantly, there is tremendous value in the ease of the user to connect and work safely.

The successful front-end candidate will be working with the latest and greatest front-end technologies. This a new project at our company, only a year old and many members of the team work mostly remotely.

Technical Skills wanted:

  • Angular 13 (The latest)
  • ECMAScript (JavaScript ES6) and TypeScript
  • Experience with other frameworks like Vue.js and React may be helpful for learning Angular
  • RXJS (Observer / Subscription patterns for state and event management)
  • Linux and BASH ? SASS / CSS
  • Working with NoSQL Databases
  • Full Stack Development Experience
  • C language skills (helpful, but not required)
  • JavaScript Framework Unit Testing (helpful, but not required)
  • Ability to Learn quickly on the job
  • Good Mind for Design
  • Excellent Communication and Listening Skills
  • Great Problem Solving and Critical Thinking Skills



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