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  • Gain insights into mainstream North American official accounts, forums and other media, develop and maintain media relations, and increase external publicity channels;
  • Familiar with local Chinese mainstream social media platforms, and enhance brand awareness by participating in or co-organizing platform activities;
  • Expand and maintain cross-border partners, combine the brand advantages of both parties, and enhance brand reputation through joint activities;
  • Flexible use of internal publicity resources, responsible for cross-regional advertising cooperation and publicity resource replacement;
  • Have a structured and data-based thinking, use data analysis to continuously optimize the input-output ratio and increase the publicity revenue;
  • Target dismantling targets based on data result indicators such as brand voice and reputation, and formulate corresponding effective cooperation plans;
  • Responsible for business negotiation, contract signing, etc.


  • Bachelor degree or above, marketing major is preferred;
  • 1 years and above media related work experience is preferred;
  • Have strong negotiation skills, be able to keenly capture opportunities for cooperation, understand industry rules, and deal with problems flexibly.

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