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We are excited to announce BBBS Saskatoon is hiring a Marketing and Recruitment Coordinator!

Supported by the manager of Marketing and Communications, this is a 1-year contract to participate in direct volunteer recruitment strategies and form partnerships in our community to bring awareness to BBBS.

BBBS Saskatoon is an equal opportunity employer that embraces diversity and inclusion. We believe all candidates should be given the opportunity to fully participate during the recruitment process. We offer our employees a caring and creative work environment, competitive benefits, additional holiday time and professional development opportunities.

If you are interested in this position, please review the outline below and submit a cover letter outlining your relevant experience along with your resume via Isarta, by November 10th, 2022.

Who we are in the community:

BBBS Saskatoon is a non-profit organization that has been serving youth in our community for over 50 years. We offer support against adversities and care for the mental health well-being of young people through mentorship. Our work is guided by our values of community, adaptability, sustainability, collaboration, integrity and respect in alignment with our mission for all young people to realize their full potential.

What you'll do:

The purpose of this role is to drive the targets and expectations related to the recruitment of volunteers and the development of agency partners and resources to grow volunteer opportunities. The main focus is to ensure the agency has enough volunteers to fulfill its volunteer program targets by developing strategies to engage volunteers in the most effective way.

The position focuses on creating and sustaining relationships that aid in recruitment of volunteers, that support the agency and that engage interested citizens who want to make a contribution through their time.

Primary Responsibilities for this position include:

Recruitment Planning

  • Using the strategic plan for recruitment, address the priorities and the need for volunteers by helping to direct the goals, targets and expectations related to the recruitment of volunteers.
  • Ensure the activities related to recruiting volunteers are reflective of the outcome expectations and the BBBS Strategic Plan (not BGCBigs Strategic Plan. )
  • Develop new and innovative recruitment, recognition and retention strategies and explore new methods of recruitment to target untapped potential volunteers.
  • Create plans to expand and support existing partnerships with businesses, community groups and schools to increase the number of volunteers focusing on targeted populations across the community. Will this be their role or Alessya's ?
  • Ensure diversity is a focus in recruitment initiatives and messages in relation to equity, diversity and inclusion.
  • Assist in creating marketing plans that focuses on the messages of ?who,? ?what? and ?how? and decide how to best use the message to engage volunteers.
  • Participate in recruitment efforts that establish new and potential contacts that will expand opportunities and involvement on a large scale and continue to develop and maintain those contacts.

Volunteer Recruitment and Engagement

  • Participate in direct recruitment efforts including cold calls, tabling, social media messages, postering as well as formal and informal presentations.
  • Complete presentations with groups where partnerships/relationships have been established (i.e. corporations, high schools, post-secondary institutions) to deliver messages regarding mentoring and the opportunities for volunteers in the agency.
  • Follow up with potential and established contacts who express interest in volunteering to expand their opportunities for involvement.
  • Support, update and deliver the messaging for volunteer orientations that occur on the website, virtually or in person.
  • When introducing potential volunteers to the agency focus on creating an initial sense of affiliation with BBBS whether that is to a specific program, program location or to the agency as a whole.
  • Ensure the efforts to engage volunteers include providing clear information about program options, expectations and benefits.
  • Provide a high level of customer service in response to all volunteer inquiries and leads.
  • Ensure that all contacts are marked by enthusiasm and excitement to do good work for kids.
  • Coordinate volunteer recognition and program promotion opportunities (i.e. corporate coffee breaks, corporate newsletters) with various corporation and businesses who support and program the agency with volunteers.
  • Encourage the re-engagement of volunteers through alumni options.

Partnership and Relationship Management

  • Identify and form partnerships with corporations, agencies and community groups to enhance and increase the profile of the agency.
  • Build and nurture strong community and stakeholder relationships, helping to identify, attract and secure new partnerships and recruitment opportunities, with a key focus on working with corporations as well as post-secondary institutions, service groups, high schools and other various recruitment sources and agencies.
  • Work with other agencies who conduct recruitment of volunteers
  • Share the agency message with current stakeholders to gain additional support and word of mouth referrals about the need for volunteers.
  • Support the relationships and individuals who participate in public speaking events on behalf of the agency.
  • Work closely with the fund development and communications team members to ensure that the partnerships and relationships being developed are not in competition and that the greatest return on investment is being looked at to determine which area has the priority and is the lead contact.

Evaluation, Documentation and Reporting

  • Review data related to potential and existing volunteers and their demographics for the purposes of setting recruitment goals and agency targets.
  • Ensure information and data related to recruitment events is regularly updated in the database and that this information can be easily generated into reports.
  • Provide support and direction in implementing, maintaining and evaluating volunteer recruitment initiatives for all programs.
  • Track and report on trends impacting recruitment including information from how heard sources and in turn use the data to drive future recruitment efforts.
  • Oversee and track all of the related trade shows, fairs, festivals and other public events including those we recruit at, the type of recruitment and the return on investment.
  • Work with the team to provide ongoing evaluation and feedback on the on-line application and notification systems for volunteers.

Minimum Skill Requirements for this position are:

  • Professional: Solid knowledge of volunteerism and volunteer recruitment. Prior experience working in a child and youth serving and/or non-profit organization is an asset. Knowledge of the voluntary sector and the emerging issues, process and strategies related to recruiting volunteers.
  • Client Centred: Dedicated to meeting the expectations and requirements of internal and external partners and clients. Uses research and credible information to improve processes for volunteers. Establishes and maintains effective relationships with partners, volunteers and staff.
  • Communication: Clearly conveys and receives messages to meet the needs of all. This may involve listening, interpreting, formulating and delivering: verbal, non-verbal, written, and/or electronic messages.
  • Approachable and Approach to Role: Relates well to all kinds of people inside and outside the organization. Builds appropriate rapport and constructive and effective relationships. Understands their role in relation to the structure and culture of the organization and the agency as a whole and maintains a positive approach and attitude to their work.
  • Community Awareness: Is aware of and understands or research emerging issues facing volunteer recruitment and how to best support this. Has experience in the recruitment of volunteers and extensive knowledge of partnership collaboration, recruitment resources and volunteer service.
  • Commitment to JEDI and Understanding Others: Listens carefully to various points of view and suspends judgment. Able to gather complete information from all sides. Demonstrates commitment and initiative in matters of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion in the workplace, with partners, clients and in the community and is open to interpersonal/intercultural learning.

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